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Why should I use HP MICR Toner to print checks?



MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) toner is a crucial part of encoding, reading, and sorting checks and other negotiable and non-negotiable documents. The MICR characters are most easily recognized as the series of numbers located at the bottom of a check. You can't afford to gamble with the HP MICR toner you put in your laser printer. Our brand of high quality modified new HP MICR toner cartridges for check printing have out performed most leading brands. You can learn more about how to print checks with magnetic toner for HP at great savings! The magnetic ink cartridge supplies we offer are for HP LaserJet printers and come with fast free shipping and are 100% Guaranteed!


What is the difference between Premium New HP MICR Toner and Compatible MICR Cartridges for HP?

A common question asked by our customers is, "What is the difference between Modified Premium New Cartridges and Compatible Cartridges? The main difference is the price you will pay, as both types meet all banking standards. We provide these two different options:


A Modified Premium New Cartridge is made with a brand new HP toner cartridge, or a modified OEM (original equipment manufacturer) cartridge. The cartridge has never been "recycled" or "reused" before. The original toner has been removed, and replaced with magnetic toner made specifically for the model of HP printer, to turn it into a MICR cartridge. This choice is a little more expensive, but some people feel that they must use Modified Premium New toners only for their own reasons; such as they had a bad experience with refilled cartridges for an inkjet printer that was used for pictures. This scenario would not even be related to printing checks, but people do base their decisions on past experiences.

A Compatible Cartridge is made with a recycled toner cartridge that has been used one time previously. All the major components have been replaced in the cartridge, such as the drum, wiper blade, etc. Basically, the only "recycled" part of the cartridge is the outer plastic casing. Which, by choosing the Compatible Cartridge, you just saved 3 quarts of oil from being used, as this is how much oil it actually takes to make the plastic casing of a toner cartridge. The Compatible Cartridge is a more economical choice, as it helps the environment by saving oil and landfill space, as well as it is a more cost-friendly option.

Either way, they are both of excellent quality. The compatible MICR toner cartridge carries the exact same warranty as the modified new product. (All cartridges are backed by 1 year Satisfaction Guarantee and replacement policy) and they meet the same banking standards (every cartridge is tested to make sure quality exceeds ANSI, ABA and Canadian standards). So you can purchase the compatible HP MICR toner cartridges in confidence because they are very similar to the modified premium new and meet our stringent quality standards. In addition to getting all the benefits of a modified new HP product, you also get a savings of up to 50% when you buy compatible HP MICR toners. Each and every cartridge we sell is 100% guaranteed.


What is the difference between A and X MICR Cartridges?



The difference between the two are the page yield, or how many checks you can print before you run out of toner. Sometimes you have more than one part number that will fit your HP LaserJet printer, and the following is the reason why:

There is a "low yield" or "standard yield" cartridge. Most of the time, the part number for low or standard yield toner cartridges will end with an "A" such as, CC364A. This kind of cartridge is designed for moderate usage, or lower volume printing. If you do not print a huge volume of checks, or only print checks every couple of weeks, this may be the option you should choose. Sometimes consumers choose the lower yield cartridge because their budget is tighter, or they just do not print as much.

There is also what is called a "high yield" cartridge, which the cartridge part number will end with an "X", such, as CC364X. The high yield cartridge is designed for high volume check printing. Sometimes consumers choose the high yield cartridge to save money in the long run on their MICR toner cartridge, as it will last about twice as long as the standard yield, in most cases. But, not all printers are designed take a high yield cartridge, so make sure you see your HP printer model listed on the high yield product when you make your purchase. (Another helpful note: you do not need to worry about the ending letters on the printer when you are trying to decide which cartridge to purchase. Example: Don't worry about the "dn" on the HP LaserJet P2055dn. You would just need to focus on the "P2055", as the ending letters stand for features such as duplexing and networking, and have nothing to do with which type of cartridge actually fits the printer. You will always go by the first part of the printer model, such as "P2055". Another example would be HP LaserJet P4014dn, you would just focus on the "P4014".)