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Blank Check Stock - Blank Check Paper




This blank check stock is a multi-purpose check paper, giving you the control to print accounts payable checks, as well as payroll checks. This blank check paper is perfect for businesses that need two vouchers, one for your records, and one for the employee or your vendor.

Our blank check stock is Check 21 Ready. It is designed to meet all Checks 21, US ABA and ANSI standards. This blank check paper is certified to work in the USA only. This check paper is printed on industry standard 24lb check bond paper loaded with security features for the best fraud protection including:

  • MICRO printed borders
  • Copier VOID which produces a series of voids if scanned or copied
  • Overt warning band border
  • Erasure protection, which the background becomes white if someone tries to erase the check
  • Fibers that are intensified under ultra-violet light
  • Separate pantograph for the signature area


To learn more about the great security features offered with our blank check stock, read the following detailed security features data sheets:

For 1 Check per Page

For 3 Checks per Page


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