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Tripod Quick Release Plate
DaVoice offers many size quick release plates for tripods. With DaVoice brand quick release plates you have the peace of mind that you are buying a quality plate. DaVoice goes the extra mile to make sure you camera equipment is secure with high quality screws and pins in sturdy plates. To find the correct size plate for your tripod, first get your tripod brand and tripod model, then measure the tripod head opening in both directions in mm (millimeters). You can print a ruler online if you need one.

Dog Buttons for Communication - Did you know that you can teach your dog or cat to talk with buttons? Dogs cannot see red, orange or green. But they can see DaVoice custom colored buttons, made specifically for dogs. This ensures successful training, as your dog will be able to tell which color of button goes to what word. This patent pending set also includes the DaVoice dog button mat and attachments. So can dogs really talk with buttons? Yes, they can! Discover how smart your pet really is and learn how to communicate with your best friend and strengthen your relationship even more with our dog communication buttons with words mat. You can teach your dog to press a "Potty" or "Outside" button and in return enjoy less accidents in potty training with these accessories. Rosa the dog tells her parents "Love You" with her buttons every day! She also combines words to express her own thoughts! You can record your own messages into the dog buttons for communication. You should always attach your dog talking buttons to a dog button mat. It makes training easier, and it also protects your dog talking buttons from becoming hockey pucks if you have a larger dog. Learn more from the DaVoice training videos and included training guide on how to use a talking pet starter set. This set is also compatible with cats, as they also can only see certain colors.