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148X MICR, HP 4001 MFP 4101 MICR Toner, W1480X MICR - Premium New


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Premium New HP cartridge modified with MICR Toner. For use in HP LaserJet Pro 4001, 4001n, 4001dn, 4001dne, 4001ne, 4001dw, 4001dwe, 4101 Series Printers. Page Yield: 9,500 @ 5% coverage.

148X MICR - W1480X MICR - HP 4001 MICR Toner - 4101 MICR is a modified HP black 148X MICR cartridge used for check printing in your laser printer. This is the high yield version.

** This cartridge is a new HP 148X toner cartridge modified with MICR toner for check printing. The original toner was removed and replaced with MICR toner made for this model. It is a Premium New MICR toner.**

Most HP laser printers can be used as a laser check printer. All you need is a MICR cartridge, check paper, and check printing software. You will be able to print check stubs, print checks in Quickbooks and any other check software.

This HP 4001 MICR Toner delivers excellent print value. This HP 4101 MICR Toner, 4001dn MICR Toner is a Modified HP black toner used in MICR check printing.

For use in: HP LaserJet Pro 4001, 4001n, 4001dn, 4001dne, 4001ne, 4001dw, 4001dwe, and HP LaserJet MFP 4101, 4101, 4101n, 4101dn, 4101dne, 4101ne, 4101dw, 4101dwe Series Printers.

Full list:
HP LaserJet Pro 4001
HP LaserJet Pro 4001n
HP LaserJet Pro 4001dn
HP LaserJet Pro 4001dne
HP LaserJet Pro 4001ne
HP LaserJet Pro 4001dw
HP LaserJet Pro 4001dwe
HP LaserJet MFP 4101
HP LaserJet MFP 4101n
HP LaserJet MFP 4101dn
HP LaserJet MFP 4101dne
HP LaserJet MFP 4101ne
HP LaserJet MFP 4101dw
HP LaserJet MFP 4101dwe

Compatible with MICR Cartridges: 148X, 148A, W1480X, W1480A, MICR-THN-148X, MICR-THN-148A.

Page Yield: 9,500 @ 5% coverage. High Yield MICR Toner.

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