Printing checks is easy with HP MICR

HP MICRJust a couple of years ago the idea of printing your own checks was absurd and unheard of. However, today it is the norm and with it comes a whole host of questions regarding at home or in office check printing and the MICR toner used.



HP MICR Toner or Ink?

Before you get up from your desk and run to the office supply store and buy a new printer and some MICR Toner to start printing your checks, be mindful that regular toner and ink that comes with the machine will not work and could cost you money. And, while this is possible it really is not a good idea. The HP MICR Toner is special in that it allows the bank readers and sorters to read the documents quickly and process them easily. Often the ordinary consumer will ask if it is required to use MICR Toner to print their checks and the answer is definitely yes!

The banking industry has set up a standard for printing checks. This is to supply the customer fast and precise processing of all checks that go through the bank everyday. If you don’t use MICR Toner to print your checks then that check has to be entered manually and this will result in a bank charge. This charge can be as high as $30 per check. So, that is something you will definitely want to keep in mind.

Another common question is whether or not MICR toner exists for inkjet printers. The answer is no because inkjet printers use ink not toner. However, there is MICR ink that works well in inkjet printers so that is an option for you if you have an inkjet printer.

The most popular question is perhaps what MICR really stands for. The answer is magnetic ink character recognition. MICR alone will not change the characters that are required to be used also. The characters that are used are from a whole dissimilar font.

Another funny question that people seem to ask quite regularly is how MICR is pronounced. The answer is M, I, C, R because it is an acronym and not a word. Acronyms should be spelled out, like YMCA, rather than spoken as a word. Some people have heard the MICR acronym spoken as “micker” or “my-ker” but neither of these is correct. Although, the “my-ker” would be preferred by industry leaders should it be pronounced. The easiest thing to do is just spell it out!

Those are some of the most popular questions behind MICR toner however people do have many others. If this sounds like you then do not hesitate jumping on the web and seeing what you can find. Most probable you will realize there are actually a lot of answers out there that will help educate you on MICR.

Things you should think about before you start printing your own checks:

85% of all printers in use today are HP Printers. This speaks volumes on the printer option for you.

Starting with an HP Printer with HP MICR Toner Cartridge and a good check writing program will sure enough get you up and running.

Using HP MICR will save you about 50% over other brands.

Time and time again other brands often have MICR content flaws, where HP does not normally have these problems.

Most importantly do your homework! Before you start printing checks in quantity, go to your local bank that these checks would be processed and have them check that everything is acceptable. Remember that there is currently no way to print micr checks using a Color Laser Printer.

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