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How to save on laser printer toner

Everyday I take my toner cartridge out of the printer and shake it and put it back in just to get it to print good. My neighbor tells me that is called dusting the cartridge. Effective as it may seem the inevitable will come sooner than later. I will break down and eventually pay to…

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HP Toner vs other brands

In today’s world of ever changing technology it is hard to even begin to explain how HP has come out on top as the world’s premier printer provider. It often confuses the average person without the history of events or even the desire to study the back and forth struggle that companies go through to…

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The future is in HP Laser Toner

Opposed to just a few years ago printers have come down in price. That is because the manufacturers who build and sell them know that they can make up for selling them at really low prices when consumers have to buy replenishment toner cartridges for them. Supplies for most printers often cost more than the…

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