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Printer Toner for all brands of laser printers.

At the heart of a printer is the printer toner

Compared to the human body, a toner cartridge would definitely be the heart of this technological wonder. This heart supplies the printer with an essential substance – printer toner. Just like blood flowing through a human heart to exist and act, toner is required for printing devices to perform their role in the world.  …

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Picking the perfect printer that uses the perfect printer toner

Nowadays no one buys a major technology purchase – like a computer, TV or camera -without doing some research. Well, the same should go for buying a printer. The printers are more complex than ever with so many features and functions that it can be hard to distinguish a particular style of printer, let alone…

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Selecting HP Color Toner the smart way

When you are looking for the best color laser printer, you should research a bit of information initially. Then you have to consider which color laser printer will do the job for you. Before you even begin, you need to be defining your needs so you ensure that you are obtaining the proper printer.  …

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HP Color Laserjet Toner vs Ink Cartridges

Contemplating purchasing a new color printer and don’t know which technology, inkjet or laser?   But why should you buy a color laserjet printer over an inkjet color printer? Laserjet printers are known for the advanced technology inside them that allows for a crisp, detailed imaging when using colors to print. (They tend to blend…

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Police raid printer cartridge business

Arizona — Maricopa County sheriff’s deputies raided Lasermasters Thursday morning in the ending of a six-month investigation that started with a tip to the MCSO immigration hotline from one of the employee’s. Police converged on Lasermasters location shortly after 8 a.m. According to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, investigators had information that 35 people working…

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