HP MICR provides for a more secure process to print checks

hp micrHP MICR toners are special . Opposite most printer cartridges used for daily printing, HP MICR toner cartridges contain a blend of magnetic components, particularly iron oxide. MICR actually stands for magnetic ink character recognition, and the magnetic components in them allow printouts using them to be read by special reading and sorting machines.

Printing with HP MICR responds to a certain need. This need is most prevalent in the accounting and banking industry, where HP MICR cartridges are used to print out checks. Other industries, such as airlines, insurance companies and events ticketing, have come to benefit a lot from using HP magnetic toner as well.

What makes HP MICR toners so special and why do we need them? Below are a few causes why these toners have become necessary in our modern lives.

HP MICR Cartridges Allow for Accuracy in Printing

During the check printing process, account information that is printed must be exact. Size matters here, so these characters must be in the size they were supposed to be. Even more than the size the alignment on the check is critical.

There is only one reason for this, and that is to allow reading and sorting machines to read checks and other documents correctly. If checks are not read correctly, they will be rejected by the machine. This extends  the time to turn that particular check, and it can result in surcharges and penalties for the person who tried to cash in that check.

HP Laserjet MICR Toners Allow for Speed in Processing

One of the reasons why MICR engineering science came to be is that the banking industry needed a way to sort through with(p) the volumes and volumes of checks that come to them in the shortest time span possible. There are tens of millions of people and companies that have checking accounts in the United States alone, and there are trillions of checks that these people and companies issue every year. Processing checks needs to be automated, or else the banking industry would be concealed in checks.

Our system for automation highly-developed by the US banking industry for sorting checks required the use of HP MICR technology. Because this growth has paved the way for more convenience for owners of checking accounts, the use of HP MICR toners and HP Laserjet MICR toner printing has become indispensable.

HP Laserjet MICR Toner Allow for More Secure Printing

Another special function that HP magnetic toners fulfill is that they aide in the prevention of check fraud. MICR readers cannot read checks and other MICR documents that were not printed out with HP Laserjet MICR toner; thus, in simple cases such as these, check fraud is prevented.

Committed to staying one step ahead of criminals there will always be the smarter thief, but there are formulations of HP MICR that allow for more secure printing, such as the ones manufactured by Laser Cartridge Plus, Inc. These HP MICR toners do not just have the right signal strength required, but they also make it impossible for printouts using them to be with chemicals erased or altered.

You need HP MICR toners because they respond to a need for a specialized type of printing. As long as this need exists, there will always be a need for HP MICR or HP Laserjet MICR Toner.

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