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What is Magnetic ink / MICR ink / MICR Toner?

You probably have not thought too much about magnetic ink, unless you're a bank or some other business that needs to use it for printing checks. MICR ink is used mainly for printing checks and other documents that need to be processed by a machine.

The main application is by using magnetic toner. It is to make sure that the document goes through the check clearing system and is not rejected when you print the MICR line at the bottom of the check.

MICR line on a check

Magnetic ink can be detected by a magnetic reader.

Magnetic readers are devices that can read information that is printed with magnetic toner using MICR fonts. They are used mainly for processing checks and other documents that need to be scanned by a machine.

Magnetic readers can also be used for preventing counterfeiting and identity theft. The real benefit of using magnetic readers in the banking industry is the speed at which they can process, read and sort checks.

bank check magnetic readers

MICR ink is used in banking and finance to prevent fraud.

Bank fraud can cost businesses a lot of money. One of the most common types of fraud is check fraud. It happens when someone tries to cash or deposit a fake check, or when they try to steal someone's personal information and use it to write a check using MICR toner and a MICR printer.

What does MICR stand for?

Magnetic Ink Character Recognition. This type of ink is used to print special characters on documents like checks. The MICR characters can be read by a machine, which makes it difficult to forge or alter documents that use this type of ink or magnetic toner, also known as MICR toner.

MICR ink check printing

What is the difference between MICR Ink and MICR Toner?

As stated, MICR stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition. It is also used in MICR toner for printing checks with a laser MICR printer. We recommend using MICR toner cartridges every time you decide to do check printing, so it will be secure and you do not incur bank fees.

Manual processes for check data are costly. So now banks require reader sorters instead. This is accomplished by using a magnetic charge toner that you cannot do with non MICR cartridges.

If you used non MICR cartridges during check printing, the banks will reject the checks since their check readers will not be able to read the MICR line on the bottom of the check. This MICR line includes the routing number, account number and check number.

This MICR line should always be printed using MICR toner. Here you will find the Most Popular MICR toner which includes what laser printers we recommend using for check printing.

You can find a printer at most office supply stores, as they carry HP LaserJet printers. But the printer will come with regular / non MICR toner, so you will need to purchase HP MICR toner made for your model of printer.

Most everyone uses HP LaserJet printers and not inkjet printers for check printing. An inkjet printer is not a good quality option. Inkjet printers used as an inkjet MICR printer can have clogged ink cartridge nozzles, and when a check is printed, it can have lines and quality issues.

HP LaserJet MICR toner

Benefits of using MICR ink

MICR Ink is very difficult to copy

One of the main benefits of using MICR ink or MICR toner, is that it is very difficult to copy. This is because the MICR line contains special characters that can be read by a machine.

When a document is printed with this MICR toner, the machine will scan the print MICR characters and compare them to the account information on file.

Since it is so difficult to copy the print MICR characters, it's much harder for someone to counterfeit a document or steal personal information. MICR ink helps to keep your documents safe and secure, and it's one of the best ways to prevent fraud.

Magnetic ink can also be used to sort checks

One of the main benefits of using magnetic ink is that it can be used to sort checks. When a check is written, the MICR characters are printed in a special MICR ink. This ink contains special characters that can be read by a check reading machine.

The History of MICR ink

MICR ink has been used in the banking and finance industry for many years. It was first developed in the 1950s as a way to prevent check fraud. At the time, check fraud was a major problem.

MICR ink was quickly adopted by the banking industry, and it has been used ever since to prevent fraud and protect businesses and consumers from losing money. MICR ink is still one of the best ways to prevent check fraud, and it is widely used today.

history of magnetic ink


Magnetic ink and MICR ink are both very effective in preventing bank fraud. They offer many benefits for businesses and consumers alike. If you're looking for a way to prevent counterfeiting or protect your business from fraud, MICR ink and or MICR toner may be right for you.

Using laser printers with HP LaserJet MICR toner is now the newest and most secure way to print your own checks. The technology of using laser printers as MICR printers has changed the industry. Now even small businesses are able to do their own check printing using a printer and MICR fonts to print the MICR line on checks.

This enables the financial institutions check clearing system to still be able to offer financial security to the customer. When customers are using MICR printers to do the check printing process on their own with a check printer, it makes the business checks have security features with our blank check stock.

Being able to print checks gives flexibility and will restrict access to account information to others, while still able to meet ANSI standards and prevent checks and other negotiable document types from having issues. These security options are available with multiple types of printers that have additional trays and options for MICR printer cartridges.