The future is in HP Laser Toner

hp toner increaseOpposed to just a few years ago printers have come down in price. That is because the manufacturers who build and sell them know that they can make up for selling them at really low prices when consumers have to buy replenishment toner cartridges for them. Supplies for most printers often cost more than the price you paid for the printer.

There are all kinds of Printers on the market now. However an OEM replacement cartridge will run you average $86. You can purchase a toner cartridge that is a re-manufactured cartridge if you are conscious about the environment and you would like to save about 50% off retail.

When you have a color laserjet printer the cost can add up rapidly because they typically hold 4 cartridges. The black cartridge costs less than the other 3 color toner cartridges. A lot of people like to buy their cartridges from the most popular brand HP.

85% of all Laser Toner is HP

HP LaserJet Toner is the most widely used cartridge on the market with a market share of about 85%. One of the most common problems for consumers today is the fact that when they are shopping for a new printer they don’t take into account the cost of the supplies the machine requires to operate.

One of the hottest selling and most widely used black only laser printers today is HP’s Laserjet P1006 printers. It is as easy to setup as it is to print with. The HP Laser Toner that goes in that machine runs about 2500 pages at 5% coverage. It is a zealous buy when just printing in black text, check printing or just everyday printing is needed.

There’s more HP Color Laser Toner than any other brand

The most widely used color laser printer today is HP’s Color Laserjet 2600 printer and is one of the most decorated printers to date with over 1,000,000 units sold and in use. Considering its output it is an exceptional buy. The HP Color Toner cartridge can produce 2500 printed pages that require 1 black cartridge, 1 cyan cartridge, 1 magenta cartridge and 1 yellow cartridge. 4 cartridges can add up quickly in price but It will produce 2000 pages of color print outs. The black toner cartridge costs less than the colored toner cartridges. Still this printer costs less to operate than most any color ink machines.

The HP Color Laserjet 2600 printer has been made in many variations and can be found easily on the Internet. If you search you will be able to find one at a discounted price. Remanufactured toner cartridges are readily available online, just be careful and selective of the company you purchase it from. When shopping for a LaserJet toner you should look for the ones that offer a money back guarantee. Some vendors may offer lesser priced but inferior LaserJet toners so you have to be careful when shopping for them online. Just because it has a low price does not mean it will be the best one for you to purchase. If a money back guarantee is offered then you know you are buying a quality toner.

Because buying a new LaserJet toner can be costly most people try to do what they can to make it last longest. One way to do this is to keep your printer as clean as conceivable. It is important to clean it periodically. A LaserJet toner will not work well if your printer is dirty. You can open the printer and remove the toner cartridge and wipe the inside of the machine off from time to time with a dry cloth to help keep it clean.

If you have an old printer you may have a hard time finding a compatible LaserJet toner for it. If you cannot find a compatible toner or if you cannot afford to spend the money on a new one you can always buy a refilled cartridge.

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