Printer Cartridges from HP subdivides the world

hp cartridgesHP seems to have figured out an extraordinary way of extracting the utmost amount of money from consumers who have been unfortunate decent to buy one of its printers.

HP not being content with overcharging for ink , the computer, printer producer apparently rationalises its printer cartridges as one user found out. The unfortunate person in question, Michelle Sullivan, from Malta, Austrialia bought an HP Photosmart C7180 printer, but found that when she moved to Malta she was unable to purchase printer cartridges.

The problem wasn’t due to regional unavailability, but rather it was down to HP’s decision to create particular cartridges for different regions for the same printer.

The surprised and bewildered Ms Sullivan went to great lengths to find out whether this apparent HP policy was actually true. After questioning the HP dealer in Malta, who told her that HP ink cartridges were regionalized, Ms Sullivan then had a chat with an online HP support agent.

Unsurprised at the response she received was less than helpful, with the HP agent suggesting that Ms Sullivan try to buy HP printer cartridges at  Best Buy or Walmart, not realizing that neither of these retailers has stores in Malta.


HP has in the past put some rather refutable restrictions on its printing products. A number of its toner cartridges had lock out features that include page count chips that would stop the printer after a certain number of pages had been printed, regardless of whether there was still toner left in the printer cartridge. You would have thought HP learned a wrathful lesson when Lexmark introduced the lockout chip, lost a 13 million dollar lawsuit against the remanufacturing association. But HP’s page counting chips grew from HP’s corporate greed.

This sorry saga has left Ms Sullivan with a six-month old HP Photosmart C7180 printer that is effectively useless because the printer cartridges are unavailable only because she decided to move.

At press time HP has yet to respond to our questions on this matter.

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