Counterfeit hp printer cartridge operation busted by HP

counterfeit HP Printer CartridgesA monumental amount of counterfeit printing material is disclosed by HP along with SA ACF team and the local Police in Bangalore, Delhi and Gandhidham.

Acting with probable cause, the team executed an enforcement action on assembly operations in the Ashok Nagar area of Bangalore; Daryaganj and Bazar Sitaram suburbs of Delhi and in Gandhidham and have arrested 6 individuals in Bangalore and 4 in Gandhidham.

The police have seized more than 12,000 counterfeit products that include various Ink packages, Printer Toner packages, Ink security labels, Toner security labels, finished HP Toner Cartridges, Ink cartridges, barcode stickers etc at the raid. It also included more than 5,000 additional production items and around 79,900 toner security labels.

Our commitment to our customers is the driving force behind the vigilance of our anti-counterfeit team, as we understand how the sale of counterfeit HP products negatively impacts our customer and the HP brand. With counterfeit HP printer cartridges, customers purchase what they often assume to be a genuine HP product, but they instead receive a cartridge that provides them with inferior print quality at best and often times a cartridge that fails to perform at all. Through our anti counterfeiting efforts, HP is determined to protect our customers and our brand. said Jeff Kwasny, director of HP Brand Protection for print cartridges who is based in Palo Alto, California, USA. HP had appointed contractors, which assisted law enforcement officials with the information regarding the existence and location of these counterfeit goods. HPs global anti-counterfeit program incorporates industry-leading anti-counterfeiting practices and partners with law enforcement agencies to combat the manufacture, distribution, and sale of counterfeit HP printer cartridges.

On a global level, HP maintains an aggressive approach to anti-counterfeiting and has conducted more than 4,723 investigations in 88 countries over the last 4 years. This activity has resulted in the seizure of more than 47.23 million units worth of counterfeit products and components (Investigations and actions have occurred in every continent except Antarctica. In APJ, over the last 4 years, HP conducted 2,641 investigations in multiple countries resulting in 2,111 enforcement actions (raids and seizures by authorities) seizing over 15 million units of counterfeit products and components.

As part of its global anti-counterfeiting program, HP takes a proactive global approach to alerting and educating consumers on how to identify counterfeit printing supplies. HP also incorporates state-of-the-art technology in their products and cartridge packaging to help consumers identify fraudulent supplies. All HP cartridge packaging in the Asia Pacific region displays a security seal with color shifting technology that helps consumers easily identify original HP printer cartridges. Customers can learn more about how they can use this security seal as well as other best practices to avoid purchasing counterfeit cartridges on HP’s website.

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