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Replacement for Brother TZe-325 - 3/8" (9mm) White on Black P-Touch Label Tape


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3/8" x 26' / 9mm x 8m White on Black
TZe-325, TZe325
With its adhesive and its exclusive laminated tape process, the Replacement for Brother TZe-325 P-touch Tape White on Black 3/8" (9mm) is a great label tape for just about all of your indoor and outdoor needs. This P-touch label is compatible with just about any Brother brand P-touch printer, and it even features crack and peel backing that makes it incredibly easy to apply to any surface. It's durable enough to withstand scratches and abrasions, water resistant and it won't even fade under harsh UV rays when used outdoors. | Label Size 3/8" (9mm) wide by 26.2' (8m) long | White on Black | OEM Equivalent with new & recycled components. | One Year Warranty | Replaces the Following Manufacturer Numbers: TZ325 TZ-325 and TZe-325 TZe325 | Compatible with the Following Printer Models: GL100, PTCube, PTD200, PTD210, PTD215e, PTD400, PTD400AD, PTD400VP, PTD450, PTD600, PTD800W, PTE100, PTE105, PTE110, PTE300, PTE500, PTE550W, PTE800W, PTH100, PTH110, PTH300, PTH300LI, PTH500LI, PTP700, PTP750W, PTP900W, PTP950W, PT11Q, PT18R, PT200, PT300, PT300B, PT310, PT310B, PT320, PT330, PT340, PT350, PT520, PT530, PT540, PT550, PT580C, PT1000, PT1010, PT1090, PT1090BK, PT1100, PT1100sb, PT1120, PT1130, PT1160, PT1170S, PT1180, PT1190, PT1200, PT1230PC, PT1280, PT1290, PT1300, PT1400, PT1500PC, PT1600, PT1650, PT1700, PT1750, PT1760, PT1800, PT1810, PT1830, PT1880, PT1890W, PT1900, PT1910, PT1950, PT1960, PT2030, PT2030AD, PT2030VP, PT2100, PT2110, PT2200, PT2210, PT2300, PT2310, PT2400, PT2410, PT2430PC, PT2500PC, PT2600, PT2610, PT2700, PT2710, PT2730, PT2730VP, PT3600, PT6100, PT7100, PT7500, PT7600, PT9200DX, PT9200PC, PT9400, PT9500PC, PT9600, PT9700PC, PT9800PCN, ST1150, ST1150DX, ST5.